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When you partner with us, you get... 
a fascinating team of design-centric web developers and creative problem solvers with an obsession for detail who have mastered the process of translating intricate web designs into mesmerizing online experiences.

And not only that, you also get yourself a nice bunch of techie BFFs.

Sounds surreal, huh?

The magicians

  • Black Magic Team Jorge Robles

    Jorge Robles

    Founder and UI/UX Designer

  • Black Magic Team Jorge Sosa

    Jorge Sosa

    Lead Web Developer

  • Anuar Reyes

    Full-Stack Web Developer

  • Black Magic Team Dianyela Maldonado

    Dianyela Maldonado

    Full-Stack Web Developer

  • Black Magic Team Manu Reyes

    Manu Reyes

    Full-Stack Web Developer

  • Black Magic Team Arisbeth Hernandez

    Arisbeth Hernández

    Full-Stack Web Developer

  • Black Magic Team Nova The Sheepdog


    Barketing Manager

Our BFFs have some nice things to say about us:

  • “They are experts in the field, giving valuable insights to site architecture, user experience, and even making the web more inclusive.”

    Noni, Senior Designer, Ashton

  • “BM has been an incredible partner to us. We’ve collaborated with them on several websites, and the result has been A+.”

    Cameron, Account Director, Norton

  • “Their collaborative process made sure that we provide the best design and web solutions fit for each project.”

    Jenny, Principal & Creative Director, Ashton

  • “It may seem like magic, but turns out there's actually a team of amazingly talented and thoughtful humans behind it all! Go figure. Nothing opaque about their dev chops, design sensibility or rock solid process either. These are clear as day.”

    Jez, Founder & CEO, NUU

  • “Highly collaborative, imaginative, thoughtful problem solvers, and true partners in bringing website strategies and designs to life.”

    Amanda, Producer, Skidmore