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Welcome to the Black Magic Scriptures

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Imagine something... It is the most beautiful website you’ve ever seen. The level of detail and thought behind every click is unbelievable... The animations are so smooth... Every time you navigate from page to page, a magical curtain reveals the content...You can’t even begin to fathom how long it must’ve taken or what kind of hocus pocus someone used to make it all happen. Then, you think to yourself as your cursor hovers over a dazzling button, “What is this sorcery? How is this even possible?”

Well, all of it, the whole darn thing, is nothing, but pure Black Magic... and that's what we're here for.

"So, why do I need Black Magic?", you may ask.

And that's exactly the question that we'll answer in every one of our magical scriptures (aka blog posts). But before we do so, allow us to introduce ourselves. Have you realized that nowadays many websites are boring and derivative? And that a lot of them look the same way? Yes, we are as tired of templatized websites as you are. So, here we are, so that you don’t have to sacrifice your magnificent design vision with an ordinary website. Consider us your new techie BFFs who will make even your most intricate web illusions a clickable reality.

We welcome you to stop in to read our latest spells, stories, and posts where you'll learn everything digital and magic. We promise not to disappoint.


Black Magic Team Tiffany Nguyen

By Tiffany Nguyen

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