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What We Do


That’s right, we do our best work when we collaborate with you!
Our friendships start early on, way before we touch a single line of code, in other words, before a project becomes a real project, but our relationship doesn’t end at launch, it lasts forever.

Take a peek into
our bag of tricks

Web Dev

Design details will never be lost in translation. We’re experts in coding exactly what you want and what you need (no templates here).

Responsive web development

Web applications

Brand activation microsites

Interactive Kiosks

Complex UI animations

CMS integration and migration

Third-party software integration

Performance optimization

UX consulting

Maintenance & support


Shopping made easy for buyers and sellers. We’ll give your online shop the illusion of a physical storefront.

Craft Commerce




We make websites that are accessible and compliant. Keyboard navigation, screen reader compatibility, legibility... we got you covered. Now you know why our motto is "Making the Internet a Happier Place™".

ADA & WCAG compliance

Screen reader compatibility

Interactive content compliance

Keyboard navigation

Visual design consulting

Site architecture

Technical Seo

We do the technical work to ensure that your website meets the requirements of search engines to increase its ranking in organic searches.

SEO optimization

Site speed & performance

Schema implementation

Cookies compliance

SSL Certificates

Google Tag Manager

Tech Consulting

We work with your IT team and guide you through the process of putting in place the right infrastructure to maintain your site in optimal shape.

CMS & tech stack selection

Third-party software integrations

Server requirements


Infrastructure optimization

Workshops & training


if it can be clicked or
tapped, we can build it.



Partnership / Process

  1. Our favorite way of working is as a split agency, where we focus our skills on the web-dev side of the equation, while transparently collaborating with your creative team and the end client to achieve the best overall results. We can also act as your very own in-house web-dev team (aka white label), or you can hire us on a time & materials basis or on a monthly retainer.

  2. If possible, it's always super helpful for Black Magic to get involved in the conversation even before a project kicks off. We like to make sure that the right questions are asked ahead of time so that everyone can have a clear picture of what's to come. In the process, we can help you estimate costs and timelines, and also provide useful insights as to how the project will develop based on its technical and business requirements. 

  3. We're a pretty collaborative team, so we're available on Slack, through email, and on the most common video-conferencing platforms (ie. Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams) and project management tools (ie. Asana, Basecamp) out there.

  4. The million-dollar question! Don't mean to let you down, but we don't have a price sheet or a magical pre-packaged solution with a price tag on it. Pricing for web dev varies based on so many factors like the number of pages on your site, the type of content (dynamic vs static), third-party integrations, design and animation complexity, level of accessibility compliance, and the list goes on... that's why no site is ever the same in terms of cost. Considering all of those factors, we're certain that we can't develop out-of-this-world websites with budgets smaller than $10K. That said, we'll definitely work with your budget to ensure that your new site always works and feels like magic.

  5. Yes, in fact, we strongly recommend that you engage us in a custom maintenance plan after your new site has launched. Why? Because all websites require constant and ongoing technical monitoring, not just fresh content. We'll develop a 6-month or 1-year plan that suits your needs and gives you the long-term peace of mind that you're looking for.

  6. We knew you were going to ask... Good things take time ;)

  7. No, but we make sure that your new website is technically optimized for when the time comes to engage your marketing agency of choice. We'll even work with them to install any third-party tools that they need to make their process easier.


  1. Nope! We're huge Craft CMS fans and advocates, and most of the sites we develop are indeed Craft websites, but that does not mean that we don't do sites on WordPress, Shopify, Webflow, or any of the most common CMSs out there.

  2. Negative. We only develop out-of-this-world websites.

  3. Yes, it will. Out of the box, all of our websites are Level A accessibility compliant per WCAG 2.1 standards because we're on a mission of "Making the internet a happier place". That said, we have the expertise to make your site AAA compliant (the highest level of accessibility) if need be, just let us know.

  4. We don't offer hosting services, but we can recommend our favorite hosting providers that meet the technical requirements of your new website.

  5. The answer is yes. Just like we can develop out-of-this-world websites, we can also develop dazzling single-page web applications.

  6. No need to worry. For 30 days after we launch your site, we are available at no cost to fix any development bugs encountered post-launch. After that period, we're just an email away to troubleshoot and fix any odd behaviors on your site.

  7. 100%. We're always here to help whether it is to solve a technical challenge or keep your website fresh. We built your CMS, so we know exactly how to update your website's content quickly and effectively.


  1. Even though we do have UX/UI designers in-house, we usually partner with web design studios and they handle the design part of the project, while we focus only on the development. From time to time, if it is a good fit for both you and us, we'll take on the whole project.

  2. We've worked with almost every web design software out there, but we're Figma and Adobe XD wizards.

  3. Of course we do! During the design process, we're always by your side to provide feedback to enhance your designs or to answer any design-related questions. We have a really good eye for details and we enjoy sharing ideas on how to bring your designs to life when it comes time to develop your working prototypes.